Learn when to say NO! The body-art scene changed in the last 25 years from bikers hookers and criminals to Stars and starlets virtually in every branch or business you can find heavily tattooed people. The media made it possible so that granny and the pope can appreciate body art on tv and in any public places! Reality TV show you the goes and dont’s of the game! Tattoo Nightmares cover tattoos from the ink masters of the previous season and actually make even more horrible senseless useless tattoos! If i see ugly badly placed tattoos on a public person like Rihanna it just makes me puke ! These famous people make shit loads of money and are incapable to afford a good tattoo artist ? They have a duty to the public a ethic code of behavior , they live from your money and they behave like uneducated spoiled brats! Athletes drunk in tabloids politicians caught cheating on taxes , Priests abusing children…. no wonder our future generations are looking for ways around to find happiness and may end up in the hands of extremist groups like the islamic state or even believe in aliens! I think it is our role as tattoo shop owners to educate and provide people with the right reasons not to get your hands , neck or face tattooed at 18 years of age and that maybe there is another life waiting for them out there that they would not have the chance to experience because of a Job-stopper tattoo. Yes we need to make money to feed our family’s but we don’t have to do everything people demand, otherwise we can start selling drugs to! i hope i get some people to think and maybe stop one or the other from destroying some kids future just because he or she did not think about the consequences of wearing body-art! Marion Thill owner at One More Tattoo Lux april 2014 ETHICS in BODY-ART