PLANNING? If you’re planning on getting bigger work that needs a little more planning out we’ll need to make an appointment. This gives your artist time to plan out a good composition with the criteria you’ve chosen for the area you’ll be getting tattooed. Coming into the shop allows you face to face time with the artist that will be tattooing you. During this time we’ll take a tracing of the area we’ll be working on, taking into account any tattoos that you might already have or any restrictions that you may have with your work. Once the tracing is done we will have a working idea of how the composition will be laid out. We will also take a deposit to hold your spot in the appointment book, generally 100€ depending on the size of the work being done. This is a non-refundable deposit that will be applied to the cost of the tattoo upon its completion.
F.A.Q. PAIN ? When we’re tattooing you your skin is being penetrated with needles that pierce through the first major layer of skin called the epidermis to get ink nestled into the second layer, or dermis, just above the fatty tissues of the third and final layer called the hypodermic. There will definitely be a moderate to extreme amount of pain depending on exactly where the tattoo is going to be placed and the pain tolerance of the person getting tattooed. However, the pain is tolerable and putting yourself in the right mental state before getting tattooed is crucial to how well you handle the pain. Please avoid taking pain killers that will thin your blood before getting tattooed, because the more you bleed the more prone you are to having a tattoo that needs touching up, which means more time getting tattooed. It’s a good idea to get a decent meal in you an hour or so before getting a tattoo. This will give your body a little fuel to get through us attacking the largest organ on the human body (your skin) with ink soaked needles. PRICE ? The price of your tattoo depends on how big it’s going to be and where it will be on your body. For smaller tattoos (softball sized or smaller) we can generally quote you a price. If you’re looking to get anything bigger we charge 150€ an hour for professionally done tattoos. So the amount of work that goes into making your tattoo as amazing as it can be will determine the final cost of the work. Elements of the tattoo that factor into the overall cost include the size, detail and location on the body. Keep in mind for tattoos that need to be done over a period of several sessions that you’re paying for each session separately, not the whole tattoo up front. UNDER 18 ? If I’m not 18 years old yet can I bring my parents in to sign for me? No, we do not tattoo anyone under the age of 18 even with parental consent. .