Legal and Ethical Concerns about Piercing Minors These is just to clear up a few questions that we have to face everyday. We do pierce minors from 16 years on but just nose and ears, that does not include the septum piercing or ear punching. From the age of 17 we do most piercings except genital piercings. Legal issues aside, you should also take into consideration various ethical concerns which can affect not only our own business, but the industry as a whole. A good place to start when making ethical decisions related to the piercing of minors is the fact that in addition to being “under age”, young bodies are still growing and even a properly done piercing which heals with no trouble and appears perfect now can, with time, become crooked or otherwise less than desirable as the young person’s body grows. that said “ALL MINORS NEED A PARENTAL PERMISSION “ to get pierced by One More Tattoo also we keep ourself’s the right to refuse any person under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Some of the fashion so called fb piercings are purely show piercings that have no chance to heal perfectly, if we consider the risk to high we will not perform those piercings. Marion Thill owner at One More Tattoo Lux april 2014 PIERCING MINORS